Microdermabrasion - 
This rejuvenating facial offers a deeper exfoliation and helps with a number of skin issues such as :

-light scarring
-sun damage
-hyperpigmentation (discoloration)
-fine lines and wrinkles
-enlarged pores
-acne and scars
-sagging skin and decreased elasticity

This treatment includes our Classic Facial with a more aggressive exfoliation which helps stimulate collagen production, improve elasticity and skin tone, which results in more youthful looking skin.

Express Micro (30 min)                 $50

Standard Micro (1 hour)               $90

Series of Six Standard Micros     $480

Skin Care 


Each of our general services is available at $35 per half hour, $65 per hour, or $95 per 90 minutes.

Additional Services

Waxing, Etc. 

Underarms                                      $20
Eyebrows                                        $15
Lip, chin, nose, or ears                   $10
Full face                                          $40
Legs or Arms                         half    $35
                                               full    $55
Back or Chest                                 $50
Bikini  Line                                      $25
Brazilian                                          $50 & up
Eyebrow or Eyelash Tint                 $20                            results last 2-3 weeks
Ear Candling                                  $30

Massage Services

In addition to our general services, we offer a variety of specialty massages. These exclusive services include: 

Aches and pains can affect the way you work, live, or compete. When you feel the draining effects of an injury, chronic condition, or long work day, come to Gulf Coast Massage & Skin Care to see a massage therapist. Our expert staff provides a variety of treatments to help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. 

Skin Care Services

General Services

All of our skin care and waxing services are available as packages. Our estheticians can recommend a customized treatment and maintenance regimen in a discounted package so you can have youthful, glowing skin year round. Call for details!

Gulf Coast Massage & Skin Care

Lift & Firm Facial - 
This facial includes cleansing followed by 40 minutes of non-invasive combinations of electrical and LED therapies applied to the face and neck, finished with a collagen mask. The five therapies are: 

-EMS (electric muscle stimulation) stimulates muscles and enhances circulation in the face
-RF (radio frequency) waves gently heat the dermis and stimulate collagen fibers
-EP (electroporation) a pulsating current allows application of products to deeper layers of the dermis without injection
-LED (light emitting diode) light therapy applies certain frequencies of light to significantly increase growth of new tissue, stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
-MP (mesoporation) another way to increase the skin's ability to absorb anti-aging products

Results gradually appear within two months and are completed in six months, usually lasting two years.

One Session                        $90
Series of Six                       $480

Deep tissue sports massage

This neuromuscular massage targets connective tissue to relieve  tension and prevent injury from repetitive motions.


Prenatal massage

After your first trimester, our prenatal massage can help you combat back pain and stress to keep you and your baby healthy.


Swedish Massage

This traditional massage option enhances circulation, addresses muscle aches, and reduces stress.

Massage Packages - 

FOUR 30 minute massages - $120

FIVE 60 minute massages - $275

FOUR 90 minute massages  - $325

Couples massages

Share an intimate and relaxing session with your partner during two simultaneous massages in the same room. Couples Massages are available for $70 per person.


Hot Stone Massage

Enhance your relaxation through heat therapy with our hot basalt stone massage. Enjoy this service at $80 per hour or $110 per 90 minutes.


Signature LuminEssence facelifting massage

This technique improves the appearance of facial skin through product application, massage, and acupressure for the feet, hands and arms, and head and shoulders. Available for $75.

All our facial services begin with a personalized skin analysis by a licensed esthetician followed by a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, steam extractions, a mask and moisturizer to finish. Our estheticians can also recommend specialize masks or peels based on your skin type and skin care goals.

Classic Facial - 

The key to keeping great skin and a little relaxation. $75


European Facial - 

Our classic facial with a 20 minute shoulder and neck massage. $90


Chest & Back Treatment - 

Includes a 20 minute back massage. $90

Specialty Mask or Peel - 

Target specific skin concerns by adding a specialty peel or mask to any facial. We offer 24 Kt Gold, Collagen, Firm & Lift Paraffin masks and Glycolic, Salicylic, TCA, and Vitamin A Micro Peels. $20 and up

Express Peel - 

Deep exfoliation without any "down-time," includes a cleanse and moisturizer. $40